Ends on November 1, 2018

Philadelphia Stories is excited to announce the theme for its Winter issue will be “Journeys.” The same rules about having a connection to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware still apply. DEADLINE: November 1, 2018.

Submissions to the theme issue can be any kind of genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or art), but PLEASE INCLUDE THE GENRE IN YOUR TITLE. For example, your title could be: 

"Astral Projections: FICTION"

"Unforgettable Road Trip: ESSAY"

"Ode to Lewis & Clark: POETRY"

"Magellan: A Triptych: ART"

You may continue to submit fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art for future issues at any time. Please see our guidelines page for details: http://www.philadelphiastories.org/submission-guidelines/